There are Things you do NOT owe your boss and feeling trapped is not healthy or a position you have to be in.

When looking for the path forward out of an uncomfortable situation whether it be professionally or in your private life you have to find a destination that you are wanting to achieve. Without a destination or a definite outcome there is no point starting the journey.

When looking for a professional pathway start with writing yourself a job advertisement for the perfect job you would possibly want, then look at your resume and I don’t mean rewrite it, just look at it and ask yourself “What do I need to apply for that job?”

This provides you with a great starting point to identify and training that you might need. Hit the internet to find any courses that you need and do not overlook the On Line study options.

Should your current skill set get you that perfect or near perfect (or just slightly better job) hit the pavement with your resume, both literally and the E-pavement depending upon which industry you are in.

The E-Pavement includes the simple email to prospective employers, applying for jobs online and updating or creating a LinkedIn profile.  Do not underestimate the power of an updated Profile and resume, consulting a professional to create these for you are always worthwhile and there is also the cheaper option of just having a professional review one you have already completed your self.




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