Mad Monday Microsoft Shortcuts


Shortcuts are all about minimising the amount of clicks required when working on our computers by not taking our hands of the keyboard to locate and grab the mouse to activate a command making our efforts more efficient.


We are aware that they exist, we all know and use a few and know how great they can be but no one knows them all or even a vast range because unless they are used regularly of course we will forget them.


Every Monday I will post a short cut with an explanation on Why and How to use it. Print it out and stick it up on your wall and try it for a few days. If you are still using it on Friday you can be guaranteed that you need this particular shortcut.


Like our Facebook Page and/or follow our Blog and receive the Mad Monday Posts every week, you never know, you might find a shortcut or two that you did not know about and that is of use to you.


Control (Ctrl) Z


I can guarantee you that this Shortcut will become your best friend even more so than last week’s Ctrl Backspace. This shortcut works in ALL Microsoft Office Suite programs, Word, Excel Outlook etc


Image result for microsoft undo iconCtrl Z is the shortcut for UNDO, that little (backwards Arrow) in the top left hand corner.


WHY – instead of taking your hands of the keyboard to grab the mouse and locate the icon in the top left hand corner to click and replace your hands on the keyboard.


HOW –  A simple Ctrl Z and you have completed the UNDO function.



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