Spreadsheet Phobia

Upon commencement of a new unit a student asked me WHY SPREADSHEETS?

It took me a moment to understand that there are people who do not use spreadsheets EVERYDAY and has not spent their entire professional life growing up with spreadsheets seeing them evolve into this amazing phenomenon.

YES! I love spreadsheets

They are no longer this convoluted scary mess of gridlines and complex formulars that you cant remember when you need them the most. If you have not visited your spreadsheet program on your PC or laptop for a while, do so, you will be pleasantly surprised.

There are now a million (and I am not joking) templates for you to chose from should you not want to create one from Scratch. Simply open your program, Click File (Top Left Corner) then NEW and select TEMPLATES. You will probably have a Search box where you can enter what you are searching for or simply browse what is available.

There is a spreadsheet for everything from planning, organising and executing. The graphs and colours are amazing and should you remember what we were thought all those years ago, you will be able to modify the templates to suit.

Some of the favorites in class are:

  • Household Budgets
  • Holiday Planners
  • Christmas Present Shopping List/Budget tracker
  • To Do tracker
  • House Chores Roster

Don’t be afraid anymore, go visit your Spreadsheets and see how friendly they have become.