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For what ever reason you need help, there is a light at the end of your tunnel. There is an opening at the moment for a short term that we have time available to become your savior.

Be it a mad panic to get reports ready or become audit ready or maybe you have had a very busy financial year and are in a little panic because there is only just over 2 months to the end of the tax year. What ever the cause is, give us a call and we can work out a strategy to get you back on track.


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Going On Holidays & Not Dropping the Ball

Yes,,, I know we have just had time off and this time of year we are concentrating more on starting the new year on the right and most organized foot so that this year will hopefully be easier than the last. But be truthful,,, are you not at least thinking of when you are able to have time off ? You might even have applied for your next weeks leave, so it will not cause any harm to start being organized for this event, does it?

Out of Office Assistant –  Have your email answered for you by using this very easy tool, it way already be company policy and common practice in your place of work, remember to have your date of return and an alternate email of someone else that may be able to assist should the issue be urgent.

Forwarding Rule – Have Urgent or important emails sent to a specific person for urgent action by using rules. You can chose emails from a specific person or with a specific Subject line to be sent to a particular person(s), this is great if there are matters that can not wait for your return.

Delayed Delivery – Write the emails before you leave for holidays and have them sent while you are away, this is a brilliant functions and works well to remind others of deadlines. Simply write the emails and in the Options Tab select DELAYED DELIVERY and chose the time and date.

Reply to –  Those last minute emails that we send just before going on leave that may require action should a reply be received before your return can cause a lot of angst. Before you send your email select in the OPTIONS tab the function where you choose who is included on the reply, that way you do not have to give out your passwords for someone to monitor your inbox they will receive a copy of the reply once received.

Distractions & Butterflies

Diversions, distractions, and delightful detours.

via Ooh, Shiny! — The Daily Post

I came across this great blog post the other day and it really hit home with me as I work from home a great deal and have often wondered if others are as easily distracted by the Butterflies and other creatures that I share my garden with.

It made me think whether all the articles & books on Mindfulness that I have read over the years have been a waste of time or whether I should be practising my meditation more so that can stop these distractions?

Upon reflection – I decided NO

These so called Diversions & Distractions are Delightful Detours and are they not what we refer to as “Stopping & Smelling The Roses” and therefore not something we should be made to feel guilty over?

What do you think, Any Thoughts?


And Now The Rest Of Them

Now that you have all of your deadlines organized and diarized it is time to turn the focus on the deadlines others have with you. The reports or data that other people have to provide to you in order for you to be able to do your work.

Following last weeks post using the electronic diary you can at least remind others of their deadlines, lets be honest, short of doing peoples work for them we can never ensure that the work is completed. But following these steps you can at least ensure that they are reminded of their deadlines.

Step 1 –  Create an appointment, choose ALL DAY and invite the person(s) so that the Deadline will appear in their Electronic calendar. Chose RECURRING if it is a regular deadline ad you can insert files and hyperlinks should you wish.

Step 2  – Create an appointment a few days prior to the deadline to nominate time to complete the task/report and invite the person(s) so that this appointment will appear in the electronic calendars.

Step 3 –  To take this one step further you can send a email to the person(s) reminding them of the imminent deadline but instead of having to remember to sned it create them now and chose the DELAYED DELIVERY in the OPTIONS tab. This works particularly well should you be on leave or not be around to remind people of this particular deadline.

NEXT Week – Going on leave and not dropping the ball


Best Organised Foot Forward

A new year and time to start laying the right organizational foundations for a great 2018, but where to start?

The next few weeks I will give away a few of the best Business Administration organizational tips that has helped me set the tone for the coming year over and over again.

This time of year is when most organisations send out their calendar of deadlines be it monthly reports, board meeting  and financial review meeting submissions. If this does not happen where you work simply write down everything you have to do  on a regular basis.

It will take a little time to set this up for every deadline for the year but believe me it is well worth it.

Step 1 – In your on line diary set yourself an ALL DAY appointment for every deadline, use the RECURRING option if a regular deadline as this will save you making multiple entries.

Note – you might want to disable the notification if you have you diary linked to your phone as it will chime just before midnight the day before your deadline.

Step 2 – Set a meeting with yourself in your electronic diary to ensure that you have allocated enough time to complete the work to meet your deadline. e.g. 2 hours 3 days before your monthly meeting to make sure you get it all completed on time.

Next week – How to ensure others remember your deadlines.


Spreadsheet Phobia

Upon commencement of a new unit a student asked me WHY SPREADSHEETS?

It took me a moment to understand that there are people who do not use spreadsheets EVERYDAY and has not spent their entire professional life growing up with spreadsheets seeing them evolve into this amazing phenomenon.

YES! I love spreadsheets

They are no longer this convoluted scary mess of gridlines and complex formulars that you cant remember when you need them the most. If you have not visited your spreadsheet program on your PC or laptop for a while, do so, you will be pleasantly surprised.

There are now a million (and I am not joking) templates for you to chose from should you not want to create one from Scratch. Simply open your program, Click File (Top Left Corner) then NEW and select TEMPLATES. You will probably have a Search box where you can enter what you are searching for or simply browse what is available.

There is a spreadsheet for everything from planning, organising and executing. The graphs and colours are amazing and should you remember what we were thought all those years ago, you will be able to modify the templates to suit.

Some of the favorites in class are:

  • Household Budgets
  • Holiday Planners
  • Christmas Present Shopping List/Budget tracker
  • To Do tracker
  • House Chores Roster

Don’t be afraid anymore, go visit your Spreadsheets and see how friendly they have become.



Monday Madness

Mad Monday Microsoft Shortcuts

C5Shortcuts are all about minimising the amount of clicks required when working on our computers by not taking our hands of the keyboard to locate and grab the mouse to activate a command making our efforts more efficient.

We are aware that they exist, we all know and use a few and know how great they can be but no one knows them all or even a vast range because unless they are used regularly of course we will forget them.

Every Monday I will post a short cut with an explanation on Why and How to use it. Print it out and stick it up on your wall and try it for a few days. If you are still using it on Friday you can be guaranteed that you need this particular shortcut.

Like our Facebook Page and/or follow our Blog and receive the Mad Monday Posts every week, you never know, you might find a shortcut or two that you did not know about and that is of use to you

Control (Ctrl) P

You guessed it!

Ctrl P open the Print window which allows you to make specific print selections or simply Click Enter to send to printer this saves you taking your eyes of the monitor and fingers off the keyboard to grab the mouse and Click on FILE – PRINT with the mouse and saves