Monday Madness

Mad Monday Microsoft Shortcuts

Shortcuts are all about minimising the amount of clicks required when working on our computers by not taking our hands of the keyboard to locate and grab the mouse to activate a command making our efforts more efficient.

We are aware that they exist, we all know and use a few and know how great they can be but no one knows them all or even a vast range because unless they are used regularly of course we will forget them.

Every Monday I will post a short cut with an explanation on Why and How to use it. Print it out and stick it up on your wall and try it for a few days. If you are still using it on Friday you can be guaranteed that you need this particular shortcut.

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Control (Ctrl) Backspace

The Backspace button is a lifesaver and everybody’s friend as it gets us out of trouble time and again but only rids us of one character at a time. Ctrl Backspace on the other hand discretely gets rid of a WHOLE WORD at a time. Just like Magic.

WHY – To erase a Whole word at a time

HOW – Hold down the CTRL & Backspace

Monthly Planner

This Monthly calendar has a Month View per A4 page, this planner is the perfect precursor to the Day Planner previously published in this blog.

There is a small Key at the bottom to allow for several things to be colour coded.

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Day Planner

It has taken me many years and countless diaries to come to the conclusion that I needed to design a planner myself to ensure it worked for me, If you don’t have the time or energy to do so feel free to have a look at these templates and use them if you think they might work for you.

This Day planner is designed for the person who needs to be in several places or meet with numerous people during the day.

It has several TO DO lists for the day to ensure that you are able to stay on top of the top priorities as well as the minor things, all while being aware of Where you are supposed to be at a specific time. You can not have TOO many To Do Lists.

See also the article on DayPlanners from a previous post.


There are countless planners available both electronic and paper format, I have spent an unimaginable amount of money of diaries and planners every year believing that this years is the perfect layout for me.

About 2 years ago I came across the phenomenon of PRINTABLES online and designing your own planner, there are some amazing templates available and some very creative people designing them.

Over a period of a few months I created a Day Planner Page that works for me in an office environment and I would print it on the reverse side of otherwise scrap paper and I share it with you. Day Over time I will add more templates, keep an eye out for the New Page TEMPLATES coming soon.




MAP Business Solutions are here to help you stay organised whether you are in business or studying.

We will be posting regular articles and Helpful hints to help you  stay on top of it all and eventually hopefully even ahead of things.

MAP Business Solutions is a Business Assistance company which offers services ranging from Administration, customised Spreadsheets and individualised training packages.

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Feeling Overwhelmed

Not quite all over it, feeling anxious or even waking up at the dreaded 2.30am every morning thinking about you possibly have not covered or thinking about the coming day?

A simple tracking tool such as a spreadsheet, a diary or your Calendar on your computer can help you. There are a myriad of planners and To Do List online you can check out or drop us an email and we can customise a system that works for you.

Feeling Trapped in Your Current Job

There are Things you do NOT owe your boss and feeling trapped is not healthy or a position you have to be in.

When looking for the path forward out of an uncomfortable situation whether it be professionally or in your private life you have to find a destination that you are wanting to achieve. Without a destination or a definite outcome there is no point starting the journey.

When looking for a professional pathway start with writing yourself a job advertisement for the perfect job you would possibly want, then look at your resume and I don’t mean rewrite it, just look at it and ask yourself “What do I need to apply for that job?”

This provides you with a great starting point to identify and training that you might need. Hit the internet to find any courses that you need and do not overlook the On Line study options.

Should your current skill set get you that perfect or near perfect (or just slightly better job) hit the pavement with your resume, both literally and the E-pavement depending upon which industry you are in.

The E-Pavement includes the simple email to prospective employers, applying for jobs online and updating or creating a LinkedIn profile.  Do not underestimate the power of an updated Profile and resume, consulting a professional to create these for you are always worthwhile and there is also the cheaper option of just having a professional review one you have already completed your self.